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New Hampshire
Mental Health
Counselors Association
HomeVision, Mission & Activities

The New Hampshire Mental Health Counselors Association (NHMHCA) is a state chapter of the American Mental Health Counselors Association, and was formed to provide a voice for mental health counselors, while also promoting the profession of mental health counseling in New Hampshire.

Legislation & Public Policy

NHMHCA has been instrumental in developing the state's recognition of the profession, by identifying the minimal training standards necessary for mental health counselors, by advocating for and obtaining equitable licensure stature, and by seeking parity among third party payments for counselors in New Hampshire and nationally.

Professional Development & Membership Services

NHMHCA provides continuing education programs to mental health counselors to assist them in evaluating and updating their competencies. NHMHCA has developed a system of communication between mental health counslors in New Hampshire through newsletters and other scientific, educational and professional materials. NHMHCA provides its members with and avenue for collaboration with counslers in other work settings, while simultaneously developing a support system to keep members informed about issues and events pertinent to the entire profession of mental health counseling.

Public Awareness

NHMHCA believes it has a responsibility to educate the public concerning mental health issues, and to provide guidance around the role and function of the mental health counselor. It strives to foster and environment which will promote an ease in the access of mental health services by the consumer. NHMHCA believes that an educated consumer will be a stronger self-advocate.

Board of Directors

NHMHCA's volunteer leadership serves a biannual term. Committees of the Board of Directors work in the areas of membership services and development, programming and professional development, professional ethics, legislation and public policy affairs, and publications and public awareness.